FedWed is for you.

Our reason for existing is to help you connect with other photographers and filmmakers, learn new skills and book work in your wedding photography or filmmaking business. We will provide you with all the opportunities you need.

Our core belief is that we all get into this job for the creativity and enjoyment, but a strong business is vital to enable us to keep doing that long term so everything we do is balanced between creative growth and business skills to give you the best possible chance of longevity and success.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of weddings or just beginning your journey with aspirations of shooting weddings, FedWed is for you.


Build a truly personal network of like-minded industry colleagues through our high quality member-only in-person networking events.


Develop your skills in a professional, truly non-competitive environment with trustworthy, curated in-person workshops and training events.


Generate leads and bookings directly from your the unique Member Directory, actively marketed directly to engaged couples, or our second shooter directory.

Non-competitive but not anti-awards

It was very important to us to create an open, welcoming environment for all wedding photographers and filmmakers regardless of your experience level or style of work.

There are lots of more awards-based communities who cater for the competitive souls within our industry and do an incredible job of it. But within FedWed there will be no awards or competitions here of any kind.

Non-judgemental but not anti-niche

The wedding photo and video industry has become such a diverse collection of styles and approaches, we want FedWed to embrace that and be truly representative of all that is good in our industry.

Whatever style you covet, you’ll be encouraged to pursue your art your way at all times, with as much guidance and encouragement from us as you need.

Aspiring wedding photographers and filmmakers are especially welcome at FedWed and we will have regular events designed just for you.

Facilitating small personalised communities.

We don’t envisage FedWed as a community in and of itself. Through our regular, localised events, we aim to provide you will all the opportunities to create and nurture your own personal networking of industry colleagues and friends.

Small is powerful as far as community is concerned.

A leadership team you can trust.

Co-founders Stephen Walker and Adam Johnson are both experienced wedding photographers and have co-founded FedWed out of a desire to create something to support the needs of modern wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers, and underpin the industry as a whole.

As head of video we are proud to have Leanne Perrins, an amazing wedding filmmaker with an equally strong passion for education and supporting our industry.

Adam Johnson
Co-founder & Head of Photo
Leanne Perrins
Head of Video
Ste Walker
Co-founder & Head of Photo
A supportive panel of industry experts.
The FedWed Hive Mind.

When we devised FedWed we wanted to make sure it was truly representative of the industry and had a wide range of voices and opinions, not just those of Adam and Ste. So along with our head of video Leanne, the panel is here to provide valuable industry insight and advice to us, support our events, and to keep the leadership team accountable at all times to our values, ethos and policies

The panel will be refreshed every year to keep things fresh and current and prevent against the staleness that comes from an in-crowd. If you’re keen to be part of the FedWed panel in future let us know!

Elle + Ben
Photo + Film
Chris Jerome James - Wedding Filmmaker
Photo + Film
Building a combined wedding media industry that supports us all and makes us proud to be part of it.

At FedWed we care deeply about creating a solid wedding media industry that truly serves the needs of modern wedding photographers and filmmakers.

We promise to keep building on what we do, improving when we need to improve, changing when we need to change and representing you when the industry needs a voice at a higher level.

The stronger our industry becomes, the more it benefits all of us who exist within it and love it. And in turn that benefits our clients too.

We will strive to connect you with the companies and suppliers who share our passion for our industry and continually strive to move it forward positively.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions.